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Closing Your Very First Deal

with these 10 Simple Steps!

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Closing Your Very First Deal!


These EASILY Actionable Steps Include:

Generating Leads and Followup!

The first step is often the hardest for people because we have a built in fear of “what will people think of me?”. Who Cares?!

You are providing a service to your community, your neighbors, and your family by building your real estate investing business and creating generational wealth in the process!

These 10 steps show you how to initiate conversations, make the right offers, and CLOSE the DEALS!

Making Offers and Paperwork!

Mastering the art of the deal is a simple process once you understand the steps.

Knowing how many offers to make, the amount of those offers, and how to “negotiate like a lady” are invaluable in getting the best deal while giving your client a fair price.

Discover how to complete the paperwork and get them done properly so you can finish this first piece of CLOSING YOUR FIRST DEAL!

Finding Buyers 

Similar to finding the right house, at the right time, for the right price, finding the right buyer is a skill.

The 10 Steps Guide helps you discover and master the “buyer finding process” so that you don’t waste valuable time with those who aren’t the best fit.

Quickly identifying the perfect buyers will help you shorten the vetting period and expedite the process so you can CLOSE YOUR FIRST DEAL – FAST!

Plus More

After you’ve completed the paperwork with the seller, completed that paperwork, and found the best buyers for this property, you’re repeating some of the steps you did with the in the first part of the deal.

It’s time to “negotiate” like a lady with the buyer, get through another set of paperwork, and COLLECT the MONEY!

Even though this is a repetitive process, it’s different in each stage. The 10 Steps Guide provides the PERFECT blueprint to Close the DEAL – FAST!

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