The Mastermind is my FAVORITE option for the woman who is ready to play a bigger game. 

It’s for the lady who knows she wants to be challenged and pushed. 

It’s for the girlfriend who has mentally outgrown her network and wants MORE.

It’s for the daughter who is tired of seeing other people do these big deals. 

It’s for the wife wanting to make her family proud. 

It’s for the motivated mama who loves to learn and grow WHILE making money. 

It’s for the bored Broker looking for a new stream of revenue where she can showcase her fun, flirty and feminine side without weird looks from the stiff suits of regular real estate. 

And damn- wouldn’t it be nice to have someone on your side to dream (and scheme) with every week?!

How about a whole little family to pump you up?!

My Mastermind girls become a tight knit pack of women dominating their market. 

They depend on each other for strength and motivation. 

They cheer for each other like sisters. 

(The good sister- not the one who would steal your favorite jacket or boyfriend.)

Being in the Mastermind is like finally getting on the right team. 

It’s surrounding yourself with strong, smart and sophisticated women who are kicking tail and taking names. 

It’s a look into the inside of the best (and worst because let’s keep it real) parts of real estate investing without the hoopla and crapola most programs are pitching. 

It’s a safe place to air out concerns or questions. 

It’s a friendly environment to spread your wings and SOAR among the WINNERS!

It’s a COMMITMENT to showing the sometimes scared girl inside of YOU what BIG DREAMS she can accomplish. 

The mastermind is a 12 month transformation from being ok or pretty good to actually FOCUSING on the tasks and mindset to take you to FLIPPING AMAZING.

It’s breaking into the next level of success… without breaking a nail or a sweat. 

The first month is spent laying a strong foundation… just like you would do on a house. 

The next 12 months are spent slaying the deals and cashing the checks. 

It all starts kinda slow then WHAM! It’s all happening at the same time and HOLY CRAPOLA THIS IS FUNNNNN!!!!!

I’ve found 12 months to be the perfect amount of time to breathe and feel through the growth without having a clock ticking away. 

And without feeling like- “This is dragging out tooooo longggg…”


As long as we’re making money, doing deals and having fun- Let’s…. stay…. Together!!! (insert 1970’s jingle here…)

Seriously ladies-

The Mastermind is everything you’re looking for…

And maybe a little bit more love just for good measure. 

And… an extra dash of spice to light a fire under your skirt and get those $20k MONTHS!

It’s my personal favorite program for a reason and I can’t wait for you to discover that reason from inside!

Join us NOW!

My goal for everyone in the mastermind is $20k per month on autopilot by the end of our first year together.

Let’s cut to the action and what I REALLLLY want you to know about the Mastermind…


Seriously… let’s get you to the CLOSING TABLE many many many times!!!

Alright… now back to the regularly scheduled details, you would expect to see on a page like this one….
You know… the fluffy “official” stuff that the dudes put on their websites to fill up space… so I feel like it needs to be on mine too.

The Mastermind is an exclusive mentorship program designed for amazing, motivated women that are ready to bring in passive income each month that’s as big as their purpose. 

Together we'll make your next level of success feel EFFORTLESS.

You will discover how to stand out as a real estate investing AUTHORITY in your market and craft powerful marketing that MAGNETIZES the sellers you were born to serve...all while building a high profit, low stress, FREEDOM based real estate investing business.
During our work together we'll:
  • TRANSFORM your mindset so that you can attract steady cash flow with ease
  • Map out your SPECIFIC investment strategies for passive income [deals that you can confidently complete with your eyes CLOSED]
  • ​Identify your "I'm ready to sell NOW, when can you close?" motivated (but not desperate) sellers who gladly accept your offers
  • ​Design a customized, SIMPLE to implement, lucrative marketing strategy that feels authentic to YOU
  • ​Create systems and structures to streamline your real estate investing business and avoid any overwhelm.
The Mastermind Includes:
  • 12 Months of FULL mentorship and coaching with Whitney (Value $ 19,997)
  • ​First Deal Done Fast (Value $4,997)
  • Lifetime Access to First Deal Done Fast Facebook Group (Value $1,997)
  • ​2 ELITE Ticket to She Buys It Live 2019 (Value $1,994)
  • Apartment Blitz (Value $ 4,997)
  • ​2 Tickets to Apartment Blitz LIVE 2020 - Marco Island, FL (Value $ 1,497)
  • Lifetime Access to Apartment Blitz Facebook Group (Value $1,997)
  • ​Private Money Profits (Value $ 4,997)
  • ​2 Tickets to Private Money Profits LIVE 2020 - Bar Harbour, ME (Value $ 1,497)
  • Lifetime Access to Private Money Profits Facebook Group (Value $1,997)
  • Vacation Rental Riches (Value $4,997)
  • ​Lifetime Access to Vacation Rental Riches Facebook Group (Value $1,997)
  • ​A 30 minute on-boarding session with the She Buys It Team  (Value $997)
  • ​Weekly 1:1 speed coaching and mentorship sessions with Whitney  (Value $49,997)
  • ​Weekly 60-minute group coaching and mentoring sessions, beginning IMMEDIATELY (Value $ 11,997)
  • ​Unlimited email access to Whitney [Monday - Friday] to review contracts (Value $1,997)
  • Virtual Knox REIA Membership for 1 Year (Value $297)
  • BONUS #1*: 1 Exclusive Day with Whitney where she will visit YOU and your honey hole to strategize your next of real estate investing goals (Value $4997)
  • ​BONUS #2*: 1 VIP Ticket to Unleash The Power Within with Tony Robbins, Chicago, IL (Value $1695)
Book a Call to Find Out
October 18 2019 is the last day to join!
We also have an amazing private community for all of our Mastermind ladies.
This community is unlike any other as everyone in the group is there to support you, encourage you and celebrate with you throughout your journey!

The support you’ll receive in this mastermind is priceless.

We’re SO excited to have you and to grow together over this next year!

Remember ladies-

You’re only one deal away…

First Deal Done FAST
FDDF Facebook Group
2 Tickets!
Apartment Blitz
AB Facebook Group
AB LIVE 2020*
2 Tickets!
Private Money Profits
PMP Facebook Group
PMP LIVE 2020*
2 Tickets!
Vacation Rental Riches
VRR Facebook Group
60 Minute Group Calls Weekly
1 on 1 Calls Weekly
Email Access M-F
Virtual Knox REIA Membership - 1 Year
BONUS #1: Tony Robbins UPW*
BONUS #2: Mastermind Only Surprise Retreat
SBI LIVE Event Price
$10,000 Downpayment & 11 Payments of $2,000
*Must be current on monthly payment of Paid in Full. Does not include lodging, food or travel.
"It’s a COMMITMENT to showing the sometimes scared girl inside of YOU what BIG DREAMS she can accomplish."
*Must be current on monthly payment or paid in full. Does not include lodging, food or travel costs.
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